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Brilliant Business Moms

Leaves and Branches Time Blocking Stickers

$ 6.00

Giving every hour a job makes your days efficient and your to-do list clear. It also helps you block off time for the most important things and people in your life.

Time blocking stickers are a brilliant way to manage your busy days and protect the time you set aside to not be busy.

Block an hour at a time and dedicate it to a single task or project. Block two or more hours at a time for focused work or play.

Use these gorgeous time blocking stickers to visually organize your week. They’ll help you see where you’re spending your time, and help you keep your priorities in line as you boldly mark out the time that’s for family, friends, fun or relaxing.

This sticker set includes 2 sheets, with 36 1-hour time blocks and 18 2-hour time blocks in stunning Leaves and Branches colors to complement your Brilliant Life Planner.

Each sheet is 4.75 x 7 inches. 

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